Hello, my name is Marian

and I am a contrarian. I was born in New Orleans, went to college and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communications and beer pong. After putting a significant dent in my dad's bank account, I traveled West to Los Angeles with the dream of running my own film studio. After three long months working behind a desk, I quickly realized I'd rather suck rats than spend the next five plus years kissing the asses of tasteless turds in fancy suits. I was an artist after all, not a secretary. I traded in my Nine West flats for cowboy boots and got a job at The Saddle Ranch on Sunset greeting customers like Jesse Metcalf, Pacey Witter, and Snoop Dogg with "Howdy, my name is Marian, ya'll ready for some steaks?" Although the job was rough—bussing tables, riding the bull and getting my ass grabbed—I managed to make lasting connections that ultimately lead to my big break in Hollywood.

Ha! No. Not in the least. But I did earn cash for comedy school.

After graduating The Second City Conservatory and Upright Citizens Brigade program, I performed sketch shows and produced content for YouTube with my comedy group Associates of Awesome. I then went on to write, edit, and produce several web series with my comedy partner including Feminist Fairytales and Wannabeesa series acquired by Fox Digital. In addition to writing and performing my one woman show That's Me in the Corner, I performed stand up comedy all over town including the World Famous Comedy Store. 

In recent years, I've focused solely on writing and I've managed to complete two television pilots, three screenplays, and my first novel Twin Flames. Currently, I am working on my second novel about marriage.

Yep, I'm married. Tied the knot to a talented reality TV show editor. 

Did I mention that I love reality TV? LOVE it. I also love hiking, cooking, and eating.

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Facebook - I cut the stuff after that shit-show election, but I'm baaaack

Twitter - I am a big time editor of my work, so, I'll tweet a thousand times and no one will see it

I'm much more entertaining in front of a crowd. Please follow me and I'll get better. Promise! XOXO