Feminist Fairytales

Don't be scared by the title! The princes do survive, but not before they get a good talking to. Feminist Fairytales is a series that gives new and improved endings to the popular fairytales we grew up with. 

Co-written by myself and my writing partner. I also directed, produced and edited the series. The videos have amassed over 165,000 views on YouTube and have been recognized on Huffington Post.

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is a series that captures that special time in my twenties when I wanted to be somebody else. Watch as me and my friend Aysha ditch out lame identities and see what it's like to be Kardashians, mimes, pregnant, pirates, therapists, nurses, Lena Dunham, and just, old. We're terrible at everything. It's super entertaining. 

Written, produced & directed by me, myself & Aysha Wax. The second season of Wannabees was produced in conjunction with Fox Digital and appears on their comedy website Mad Atoms. 

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Most Popular Girls in School

started off as a sketch Associates of Awesome put on stage and now its a smash hit web series. I'm the voice of McKenzie Zales in episodes 1-3. Episode one has over 9 million views. My character McKenzie is so popular she even has her own meme. OMFG I'm like a meme, I can totally, like, die now.

Girls Playing Video Games

was comedy sketch that I wrote with Associates of Awesome that killed on the Second City and I.O. West stage so we had to put it on the YouTube. 

This puppy has nearly 50,000 views. Holla!

My Ex is a Dog

is a super silly comedy short I wrote that summed up how I felt about men at the time. 

Starring & written by surprise, surprise—ME & Associates of Awesome.


These were just a few of the comedy sketches & series I helped to write and produce. I've been a part of a ton of other YouTube videos.  Check them out here!