Twin Flames

is a comedic novel for fans of The Bachelor who wish they had a foul-mouthed friend sitting next to them while they watched—glass of sparkling rose in hand—exposing all of reality television’s shameless trickery. And it gets dark. Think Clueless meets Gone Girl.

Wendi Holt works in Los Angeles as a night editor for the most popular dating show on prime time television, TWIN FLAMES. She’s thirty-one, single and tired of working the same hours as prostitutes and bloodsucking bats. She wants to have a colorful, exciting life like the glamorous women she spends her nights editing, but nepotism in the industry gets in her way. At the peak of her frustration she runs into Samantha Scott, a former contestant of the show, victimized by a frankenedit that ruined her life. They join forces and embark on a scheme to save Samantha’s reputation and take down the greedy media giant for their part in perpetuating misogyny in the television industry. Their plan goes awry when Samantha ends up kidnapping the executive producer of the show, Jay Berkowitz, who also happens to be her secret lover. After the successful release of a viral video, exposing the truth about what really went down on the show last season, the question remains: what do they do about the drugged up executive tied to a chair in the center of their living room?

Reality Television

is the most captivating, most watched form of entertainment there is available right now, and it isn't going anywhere. And hello? I love it! It's freakin' hilarious! Also, fun fact, before I met my husband, a reality television show editor, and original night-shifter, I appeared on dating television shows including Millionare Matchmaker and MTV's Next, so, I knows a thing to two. Casting directors wanted me to be a career dater on television, I wanted to write about it. 

See Potential?

I'm looking for literary representation for my novel Twin Flames. If you're interested in requesting a full manuscript please email me at bruno.marian (at) gmail (dot) com


I'm writing ANOTHER book!

Currently, I'm working on a novel about marriage and infertility. GROAN. Sounds sad, but it isn't! I always infuse humor in my work. It'll be a fun concept dealing with a not so fun subject matter and there's a sexy twist.